Shore Excursion Christian Rome

Shore Excursion Christian Rome

Per Hour Rate
400€ / Hour
Per Day Rate
450€ / Day
Airport Transfer
7 Hours
St. Peter
St. Maria Sopra Minerva
St. Maria in Aracaeli
St. Pietro in Vincoli
St. Maria Maggiore
St. Sabina all' Aventino
St. Pradesse
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Christian Rome

Rome is a city that is rich in history and has remained one of the most visited cities by Christians from around the globe. From Cesar and Pontius Pilate, to St. Paul and the Apostles, visitors will find that Tour Christian Rome Tour allows them to walk in the footsteps of the Saints. The Christian Rome Tour combines some of Rome’s most significant and incredible churches that have inspired pilgrims and visitors for centuries, with top historic sites, monuments, lively piazzas, and museums that you expect to see in the Eternal City for an exciting tour experience in Rome. Through this tour, you get the best of both worlds in one single day.

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  • It will not be possible to enter the church dressed in an unsuitable way.